New Balance

Sportswear brands don’t come much bigger than New Balance, their expansive UK arm needed quick solutions to help with shooting a large range of their products with an extremely tight turnaround being critical to the brief

New Balance

New Balance, a global brand, faced a challenge as their in-house photography team was unable to handle the increasing demands of their ecommerce products for a seasonal shoot. They urgently needed a trusted partner who could manage a high-volume workload and meet the strict technical specifications set by their head office in the US. Additionally, they required expertise in post-production to manipulate imagery.


Seventy7 stepped in and seamlessly managed the process by establishing a sample collection and storage system for New Balance’s highly confidential products. With a deep understanding of the brand’s global guidelines, we executed exceptional photography that precisely adhered to their specific requirements. Our team expertly incorporated both photographic and post-production techniques to ensure the imagery met the highest standards. When necessary, we utilised our extensive post-production expertise to make any required adjustments in-house.


By closely collaborating with New Balance’s US brand team, we seamlessly integrated our workflow with their global processes and third-party systems. This allowed us to deliver high-quality images with remarkable speed, adapting to their internal procedures effortlessly. The success of this project resulted in an expanded partnership with New Balance, as our exceptional work led to recommendations from within their organisation. We now collaborate with multiple departments and our relationship continues to grow stronger over time.



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