The Coaches’ Voice

A premium football content brand, The Coaches’ Voice has been a true collaboration between the brand and seventy7’s extensive branding and digital teams

Web design
The Coaches’ Voice

The Coaches’ Voice sought to create a website that would serve as a showcase for their exceptional writing and provide unparalleled access to high-profile individuals in the world of football. Their vision required a visually striking website design that would engage readers and offer a unique behind-the-scenes experience. Our challenge was to develop a sleek and stylish visual signature that would elevate the brand’s editorial and video content.


To meet the challenge, we designed a website that exuded confidence and offered a seamless user experience. The sleek and stylish design showcased engaging quotes and striking, stylised portrait photography. The modern website layout, with a strong emphasis on mobile user experience (UX), ensured that readers could easily access and enjoy the content on any device.

Throughout the web development process, we prioritised functionality and user interaction. Each aspect of the website was carefully crafted to promote engagement, whether through content consumption or user interactions. The branding was aligned with the website’s visual aesthetic, conveying an authentic and trustworthy presentation.


The collaborative efforts in web design, development, branding and SEO led to impressive results for The Coaches’ Voice. The visually striking website design captured the attention of readers, drawing them into the engaging content and behind-the-scenes access. The seamless user experience and mobile-friendly design reinforced the brand’s position as a leader in the industry.

A comprehensive digital marketing campaign played a crucial role in establishing the brand’s presence among its core user base. Targeted ads and social media initiatives ensured that each piece of content reached the right audience, maximising the budget and amplifying the brand’s reach.

The full SEO strategy implemented for the website contributed to its growth in strength, authority, and rankings. The website’s stylish and engaging design, combined with strategic SEO efforts, positioned The Coaches’ Voice as an authoritative and trusted source within the football community.


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