Ego Shoes

A trend-led, youth-focused and online-only retail brand, Ego Shoes have the latest styles targeting 18-25 year old women who love footwear

Digital Marketing
Ego Shoes

Ego Shoes faced fierce competition in the fast fashion industry, where capturing the attention of millennial shoppers required authenticity and a strong brand identity. Our challenge was to seamlessly fit into their sassy and savvy niche by implementing a digital marketing strategy that targeted customers at every stage of their shopping journey. Despite the profitability challenge posed by the average order value (AOV) of £25, our aim was to drive significant and sustained sales growth.


Working collaboratively with Ego Shoes on a digital marketing retainer, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that leveraged multiple channels in harmony. Our focus areas included PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), social media ads, influencer outreach and affiliate marketing.

In PPC, we executed targeted campaigns that drove a remarkable 63% growth in traffic and a substantial 28% increase in revenue. SEO efforts were successful in generating a notable 26% year-on-year increase in organic traffic, strengthening Ego Shoes’ online presence and visibility. Paid social media advertising emerged as the star of the campaign, with an impressive 112% surge in traffic and a substantial 92% increase in sales.


The collaborative digital marketing strategy enabled Ego Shoes to achieve significant and sustained sales growth across multiple channels. The harmonious execution of PPC, SEO, social media ads, influencer outreach and affiliate marketing contributed to the brand’s success.

The robust PPC campaigns not only increased website traffic but also drove substantial revenue growth. SEO efforts resulted in a significant rise in organic traffic, enhancing Ego Shoes’ online visibility and attracting targeted customers. Paid social media advertising played a crucial role, delivering exceptional increases in both traffic and sales.

The holistic approach to digital marketing allowed Ego Shoes to captivate their target audience with authenticity and resonate with millennial shoppers. By leveraging multiple channels and optimising each touchpoint in the customer journey, we helped Ego Shoes overcome the profitability challenge and achieve sustained growth in sales.


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