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How Livestream Shopping Transforms Christmas Retail

Mia Haworth, Digital Marketing Executive at Seventy7.
Mia HaworthDigital Marketing Executive

Jump onto this emerging trend of consumer shopping behaviour for bigger wins this Christmas period. Join top brands like Selfridges, John Lewis and our biased favourite, M&S in producing livestream shopping experiences.

Does your audience struggle to find time to even look for the best products, let alone go out and purchase them? Livestream shopping might be the answer to make a meaningful connection with those customers. It lets the experts in your sector explain each product, discussing the pros, the cons and most importantly whether the product is the right purchase. With that human connection in place, customers can feel confident and informed - especially when it comes to shopping through ecommerce.

Whether they're shopping on TikTok after being influenced by content, planning to watch a scheduled livestream episode from their favourite brand or simply looking for recommendations and real time reviews, there isn’t a better time for users to take advantage of livestream shopping than Christmas.

For those who thrive on the adrenaline of last-minute shopping, livestream events act as a virtual lifeline. Businesses can provide real-time assistance, recommend popular last-minute gifts, and assure customers that their presents will be under the tree on time. It might be time for your brand to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of that new chance at converting customers.

As we all know, the pandemic skyrocketed online shopping for pretty much everyone. Due to that, livestreamers have become more popular in reviewing products and are rapidly gaining more attention as their opinions become valuable to those who cannot physically go to a store and try a product. In 2022 during the Christmas period, over £30 billion was spent online by the UK alone, showing that this time is the peak for online shoppers.

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Finding the perfect gift made easier.

'Tis the season for twinkling lights, festive carols, and the joyous hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. So how does a brand stand out and make a connection among all those twinkling lights and constant advertisement? Livestream shopping is making a difference for many. This innovative approach not only enhances the Christmas shopping experience but also proves to be a game-changer for marketers and retailers alike.

Imagine strolling through a virtual winter wonderland of products, guided by a friendly face offering insights and answering your questions in real time. Livestream shopping brings back the personal touch to Christmas shopping, turning it into a dynamic, interactive experience. This is not just browsing; it's a festive get together with your favourite brands.

For retailers, Christmas is all about showcasing the magic of their products. Livestream shopping lets retailers tell the story of their products in full flow. From demonstrating the latest gadgets to revealing the intricate details of a cosy holiday sweater, businesses can bring their products to life, helping customers envision the joy they'll bring to their loved ones.

It's perfect for exclusive discounts and offers too, as businesses can unwrap exclusive Christmas deals and promotions live on stream. Creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency, this approach adds a layer of excitement to the holiday shopping experience. It's not just about the product - it's about the festive cheer that comes with it.

M&S Live

Why is Live Shopping important to marketers and retailers?

Still need some convincing to start up your livestreaming in time for Christmas?

One of the key advantages of livestream shopping is the ability to tailor recommendations based on customer preferences. From suggesting personalised gifts for each family member to curating holiday-themed bundles, this personalised touch adds a thoughtful dimension to the Christmas shopping journey.

Here’s what we find customers and clients say are the benefits after experiencing a live shopping event.

Direct Connections

Livestream shopping establishes a direct and authentic connection with customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Instant Feedback

Businesses can receive instant feedback and insights, allowing them to adapt their strategies in real time based on customer reactions.

Social Media Amplification

Viewers can easily share live shopping events on social media, turning customers into brand ambassadors and significantly expanding the reach of holiday promotions.

Build a Community

Live shopping events create a sense of community around the brand, encouraging customers to come together and share in the holiday spirit.

Creating Urgency and Exclusivity

The live nature of these events creates a sense of urgency, and exclusive offers can drive sales and boost revenue during the crucial holiday season.

As a business should you be adopting the trend?

The answer is YES! Any type of growing trend across any platform is important for businesses to adopt and adapt to to continue increasing their brand awareness.

Livestreaming allows a whole new section of consumers to be exposed to your brand, those who look for outside opinions from creators they value opinions from.

As the Christmas and sales seasons ramp up, let live shopping provide a moment of calm and fun among the madness.

For marketers and retailers, you'll create an experience that leaves customers with a lasting, positive memory of your brand. One that will have them coming back for the next big spend.

Maximise your marketing efforts this holiday season with our teams of experts.

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