Social Media And Your Company

For many of us it’s hard to imagine life without social media. But why are so many companies lagging behind?

Below, we provide 10 reasons why social media is important for everyone including brands and companies.

  1. Brand/Company Loyalty – Brands that engage regularly on social media enjoy greater loyalty from their customers.
  2. Brand/Company Recognition – Social media allows you to push your content and make your company/brand more visible and valuable.
  3. Customer Interaction – A presence on social media allows you to build a following and react to market changes. Not every interaction results in a conversion but it increases the likelihood of one in the future.
  4. Brand/Company Authority – When people post your company name you are likely to pick up new followers or ‘likes’. Engagement or resolving a query online shows that you can tackle any issues and it provides your social presence with a more ‘human’ feel.
  5. Conversion Rates – Social media marketing has an impressive conversion rate. It also has the ability to let brands behave like people do and this is something consumers can relate too.
  6. Lower Marketing Costs – Social media lowers marketing costs significantly. It’s a free way to distribute content to potential customers. Businesses can create pages (like on Facebook) and use as a free advertising tool.
  7. Increase Inbound Traffic – Social media sites provide opportunities to share content and the better the content the higher number of leads and/or conversions.
  8. Improved Customer Interaction – Today’s customers are empowered. Unfortunately, 58%* of consumers who Tweet about a bad consumer experience won’t receive a reply from the company they have an issue with. Monitor and interact with your followers and consumers as often as possible. You can even create lists and divide consumers into sectors.
  9. Search Engine Rankings – Google and other search engines look to social media to help determine a brands presence. This means that if you want to rank higher, having a strong social media presence is crucial.
  10. Improve Customer Experience – By adding social media capabilities like ratings, reviews, blogs, photos and social events companies are transforming their online presence into online destinations with vibrant communities.


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