ACDC lighting are no strangers to standing out from the crowd and delivering a service that outshines the rest of the competition


ACDC Lighting, a global leader in lighting applications, approached us with a specific job in mind: designing and building a multi-store website that would provide a seamless user experience while highlighting their expertise. The website required complex specifications to showcase ACDC Lighting’s products and content effectively. Our goal was to create a personalised checkout tool, a project building function and a library of product documentation to streamline the selection process for their clients.


Recognising the opportunity to elevate ACDC Lighting’s online presence, we developed a Magento 2 website that fulfilled all the needs of their customers. With over 9,000 individual product listings, we crafted a custom specification tool that allowed users to easily build their own personalised product configurations. This tool enabled a tailored user experience, empowering clients to make informed decisions based on their unique requirements.

Additionally, we created a content hub for publishing valuable content, further establishing ACDC Lighting as industry leaders. The hub served as a central repository for engaging and informative articles, enhancing the website’s value for both existing and potential customers. We also developed an internal hub that facilitated streamlined order management for ACDC Lighting’s associates, improving operational efficiency.

Throughout the design and development process, our team prioritised mobile responsiveness, ensuring that architects and other industry professionals could access and utilise the website seamlessly from any device. This mobile-friendly design affirmed ACDC Lighting’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and cemented their position as industry leaders.


The collaborative efforts in UX/CRO, web design, and web development resulted in a highly functional and user-centric website for ACDC Lighting. The custom specification tool enabled customers to personalise their product selections, streamlining the purchasing process. The content hub elevated ACDC Lighting’s thought leadership and enhanced their brand authority, providing valuable resources for their audience. The internal hub improved order management efficiency for the company’s associates.

With a mobile-friendly design and comprehensive functionality, ACDC Lighting’s Magento 2 website successfully affirmed their position as industry leaders. The website’s intuitive user experience and focus on personalised solutions further solidified ACDC Lighting’s reputation for excellence in lighting applications.


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