As a luxury travel brand catering to an exclusive, discerning customer base, Carrier requires branding that reflects their exceptional service and products. Targeting the right audience in the right way means we can show just how special the brand truly is


In the competitive market for luxury travel and experiences, Carrier faced the challenge of differentiating itself and rising above direct competitors. It was essential to sell a new idea and identity to their key trade partners whilst also ensuring alignment across all aspects of the business for a cohesive brand journey.


To tackle the challenge, we conducted in-depth research into the Carrier customer base profile. We facilitated brand workshops with Carrier’s teams and conducted one-on-one interviews with trade partners and direct customers. This extensive groundwork led us to develop a new brand positioning that would set Carrier apart. We simultaneously crafted a new photographic and visual identity that would evoke emotional engagement with the target audience.

In addition, we focused on creating a compelling brand voice that could emotionally resonate with customers. During presentations to Carrier’s trade partners, we showcased how their products could be elevated through impactful copywriting alone.

The “Look Beyond” strapline served as the foundation upon which all branding elements were built. This versatile strapline allowed for seamless integration across multiple channels, providing a streamlined and cohesive brand experience. A clean and sophisticated visual approach placed luxury at the forefront, ensuring that Carrier’s brand image exuded elegance and exclusivity.


The collaborative approach to branding, creative campaigns and copywriting helped Carrier elevate its position in the luxury travel market. The new brand positioning, visual identity and emotional engagement strategy successfully resonated with the target audience, capturing their attention and inspiring a desire for elevated travel experiences. The “Look Beyond” strapline served as a unifying element that streamlined Carrier’s branding across their channels.


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