Clubhouse Golf

We nailed it! How we helped Clubhouse Golf drive success with paid social campaigns

Digital Marketing

Club House Golf aimed to maintain a strong presence in a competitive market, ensuring that they captured their audience’s attention. While their existing marketing channels were performing well, we identified an opportunity to maximise their reach. Our goal was to create a tailored campaign targeting specific audiences on Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords. This approach would enable Clubhouse Golf to engage with existing customers and drive traffic from external channels.


To meet the challenge, we crafted a bespoke paid social media campaign that leveraged Facebook Business Manager and Google AdWords. By targeting specific audiences, we aimed to enhance customer engagement and increase conversion rates. The campaign was designed to optimise each touchpoint in the customer journey, from initial awareness to final purchase.


Our paid campaigns delivered exceptional results across key performance indicators. Notably, Clubhouse Golf experienced an impressive 86% increase in revenue from paid social media channels, highlighting the effectiveness of the campaign in driving sales. Additionally, there was a significant 47% increase in sales generated from paid search campaigns.

The success of the paid social media campaign contributed to strengthening Clubhouse Golf’s market presence and establishing them as a reputable brand. By continuously optimising the return on ad spend, we ensured that Club House Golf received maximum value from their marketing efforts.

The tailored approach allowed Clubhouse Golf to connect with their target audience, capture their attention and drive conversions. Through our strategic implementation of paid social media campaigns, we not only increased revenue streams but also solidified Clubhouse Golf’s position as a market leader.


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