Jimmy Choo

Shoe collections are captured with creative still life photography and video, lending a unique signature style to the coveted Jimmy Choo brand. Introducing elements of CGI, adding a modern twist that pushes the creative boundaries

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo, synonymous with high glamour and luxury, wanted to captivate their audience through stunning ecommerce photography and videography. Our task was to showcase their exquisite shoes and accessories, enticing customers by capturing the finest details of their designs. The goal was to create captivating imagery that would excite the audience across various platforms, including social media campaigns.


Our experienced styling and photography teams collaborated closely with Jimmy Choo to bring their vision to life. Shooting new content on a weekly basis, we ensured that every image and video captured the essence of the brand’s daring and glamorous identity. Each shoot was an opportunity to push creative boundaries and evolve the luxurious house style, constantly presenting fresh and exciting ideas.

We approached ecommerce imagery with the aim of recreating the in-store experience in the online space. By incorporating unique model shots, product photography and video with elegant styling, we created a seamless visual narrative that matched the brand’s identity. The goal was to inspire and engage customers, elevating the shopping experience and highlighting the allure of each Jimmy Choo product.

From intricate embellishments to luxurious textures, every element was carefully captured in each shot and video. This level of precision assured customers of the brand’s commitment to luxury and reinforced their confidence in the quality of the products they were browsing.


Through our collaboration with Jimmy Choo, we successfully showcased their collection of shoes and accessories with high glamour and attention to detail.

The creative imagery and videos consistently evolved, delivering fresh and exciting content week after week. By embracing the brand’s daring identity, we engaged customers and fostered a sense of desire for Jimmy Choo’s luxurious offerings.

The ecommerce imagery effectively recreated the in-store experience online, providing customers with a visually stunning and immersive shopping journey. Each image and video conveyed the allure and quality of Jimmy Choo’s designs, instilling confidence in customers and enhancing their online shopping experience.


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