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PartyLite Fragrance personality quiz: Engaging new audiences through interactive gamification

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PartyLite, renowned for their fragrance products, aimed to tap into a previously unreached audience by showcasing their product range in an innovative way. The objective was to use a core product offering to attract new customers and provide them with an engaging experience. This experience would help potential customers explore PartyLite’s product range and identify which aspects appealed to them. Additionally, the campaign had to be highly shareable to maximise its reach and serve as a valuable data capture tool for PartyLite.


To engage with new customers and offer them a unique experience, the channel strategy revolved around an interactive microsite designed as a gamified experience. Seventy7 developed the microsite from scratch, giving it a distinctive creative identity that was used for promotion across multiple channels. All communication from PartyLite emphasised a specific call to action, guiding consultants and customers to the fragrance finder experience.

Upon completion of the interaction on the microsite, customers were directed to make a purchase based on their unique results. They were also encouraged to subscribe to the PartyLite newsletter, enabling the collection of valuable data from a new, captive audience. The microsite maintained a strong PartyLite brand presence throughout, ensuring that new customers were well-acquainted with PartyLite’s personality by the end of the experience.

A comprehensive rollout plan was devised and executed, ensuring consistent content release. The campaign focused primarily on social channels to engage new customers through PartyLite’s existing and loyal customer base, leveraging their brand loyalty and the modern, shareable nature of the experience.


The PartyLite Fragrance Personality Quiz successfully opened up a new audience segment for PartyLite. By combining an interactive gamified microsite with a strong brand presence, PartyLite engaged potential customers, encouraged purchases based on individual preferences and collected data from a previously untapped audience. The modern and shareable nature of the campaign ensured its success in reaching and engaging new customers while strengthening PartyLite’s brand personality.

“We created this new product as a way to sell our scented products in a new way online, a challenge for any fragrance business. We asked seventy7 to create something that fit our brand and could help bring in new customer data. This innovative microsite was beyond what we imagined, and we loved that we could capture a new digital-first audience through its social media shareability, allowing us to expand our community thanks to a stronger online presence.”

Nadja Di Noi – VP Marketing Worldwide at PartyLite


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