Meet Beth. She is Fearlesss - Seveny7
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Every mum of 3 young children knows about hard work but Beth O’Donnell owner of online fashion brand Fearlesss knows more than most.

Starting from home and selling on Facebook she built her business from scratch into a major success, success based on knowing her customers, understanding the business and being careful with the cash.

That’s why, when she wanted a website that was going to take her business to the next level she chose a company who already work with many of the biggest names in UK online fashion. Seventy7.

We not only understood her business, we knew how to create and build a website that would make it grow.


increase in conversion rate


increase in website sales


improvement in cart abandonment


increase in mobile conversion rate

A new website that is bold, sociable, fun and fearlesss

Building on our knowledge of the Fearlesss customer we used Magento 2 to create a brand new online store that offers Beths’ customers an engaging, seamless and personalised experience that works perfectly on any device.

And judging by the results they clearly loved it.

It looks great, does it deliver?

There are many ways to judge the success of an online store and in the case of Fearlesss they all say it has been a massive success.

Customers love how it looks and sales, conversion rates and transactions are all going through the roof.

And thanks to its Magento 2 foundations it can carry on growing well into the future without the need for expensive and time consuming rebuilds.

We’re not just building a store,
we’re helping to build a brand

Beth is Fearlesss.

She has built her brand from literally nothing and knows her customers better than anyone, but going head to head with the big players in online fashion retail is a serious business.

To give her the edge she needs, our branding experts have used their market sector insight, creative intelligence and innovative thinking to help Fearless create a brand strategy and improved business communications.

Beautiful and functional on mobile, tablet and PC.

If past performance is anything to go by this is only the beginning for Beth and Fearlesss. The girl is going to be big!