A Taste of Quality with Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co are an award winning, premium heritage butchers based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. As a brand that prides itself on the quality of their meat and the ethical practices of their farmers, Farmison & Co deserve marketing that communicates those ideals instantly. At seventy7 we worked with them to create a multichannel strategy that delivers their unique story to customers through emails, digital ads, a refreshed website and traditional advertorials and print media.

the challenge

When your product is produced with a great deal of love and attention to detail you want to be certain that your customers experience that quality and passion. Farmison & Co initially approached us to create a print brochure for their Christmas season. What followed was advertorials, digital marketing and a soft rebrand to help them communicate that passion and quality in every communication with the customer.

the results

When approaching the task of communicating the brand’s ideals and heritage, we wanted to give a new photographic and design look and feel, plus a refined tone of voice in copywriting. This meant an immediate feeling of quality and trust was communicated. In each element of design and communication, a holistic campaign has seen sales grow particularly over Christmas periods. A newly refined image captures the brand’s deserved authority.

creative strategy + branding + design + copywriting + digital + photography

  • Online
  • Mobile
  • Print & Advertising
  • Digital Marketing

The photography was shot in our Manchester studios, with specialist food styling on set. Still life was created alongside model shots to maximise the budget and number of final assets on the day.

The imagery was utilised not only in advertorials, but also in print brochures sent to Farmison & Co’s core customer base. The visual throughline helps the brand feel cohesive at every touchpoint.

The imagery and tone of voice was carried on throughout the brand’s ecommerce website, ensuring that customer’s who arrive at the site immediately have a brand experience of trust and professionalism.

A fully scoped digital marketing strategy helped take this online-only retailer into the right marketing space. Targeting its core customer after extensive research, regular email campaigns, social media advertising and PPC came together in a cohesive strategy.

“oh. my. god. this looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!

i cannot tell you how thrilled i am. you have done an absolutely fabulous job.”

Nicky Cook, Marketing Director at Farmison & Co

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