Understanding thinking with Nudge

With their specialist, scientific approach to researching consumer behaviour, Nudge proved a unique prospect for our branding team. As a start-up business with a small but dedicated team, it was with close collaboration that we began to form their brand.

the challenge

To take the business of neuro-analytics and eye-tracking and make it easy for potential Nudge customers to understand and buy into was key, and a definite challenge. The team wanted to create a brand identity, strapline and visual signature that would bolster their vision for the business.

the results

After intensive workshops with our team and theirs, we developed a brand identity that reflects both Nudge’s specialist services and, equally importantly, the personality of the individuals in their team. The result is a clean and clear proposition the consumer can emotionally invest in.

“we are thrilled with the brand design that HT&E/seventy7 have developed for us. throughout the process they took the time to really get to know us as a team, and to understand our business inside out. it is because of this thorough attention to detail that they have been able to create branding that fits us perfectly. so much more than “just a logo”, we have been provided with the tools we need to apply our touch to all communications.”

Eleanor Trimble, CEO and Co-founder of Nudge

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