finding the perfect balance

PartyLite are fragrance-makers with a loyal customer base, but wanted to diversify the age-range of who their brand appeals to. Using a brand-new product offering that would appeal to a young, more social and mindfully conscious audience, we launched a campaign that would be used as a new customer acquisition tool.

the challenge

The client wanted to step away from its existing brand behaviour in order to appeal to a new and younger customer thanks to a stylistically bold, vibrant and fresh product. These target audiences participated on social media channels that the client was active on, but were not aware of the PartyLite brand. In a competitive marketplace, we needed to create content that stood out across all of these channels.

the results

Rather than imagery, the messaging and positioning of the product became the focal point of the campaign. Working around the idea of delivering personal gratification, the benefits of the product and these elements became the main feature of the campaign. An understanding of how the target customers interacted with the initial content on the channel then dictated what extra content was created and delivered.

The campaign was supported by activity-first resources showcasing a lifestyle change alongside the product. Its aims were to encourage customers to make small changes to their lives to achieve extra benefits from the product. This included: full channel takeovers, a Spotify playlist promoting mindfulness, sensory experiences and collaborative exercises.

“We wanted this campaign to communicate our sustainable, conscious living messages. We asked for something that was a completely new direction from the creative seventy7 delivers for us all year long. We couldn’t have been happier by what seventy7 suggested in terms of extras as part of the social channel takeovers. The added value of accompanying lifestyle and collaborative content plus the bonus Spotify playlist went down really well with our community, and opened PartyLite up to a younger, mindful audience.”

Manuela Cataldo - Senior Manager Marketing Communication Worldwide

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