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In order to reach an untapped audience, PartyLite wanted to showcase their range of products through an innovative campaign. They wanted new customers to see that they are experts in fragrance and to become a part of the PartyLite family. We helped them achieve this with a detailed social campaign thanks to careful long-term planning alongside a creative and modern take on data collection.

the challenge

The client wanted us to take a core product offering and use it to appeal to new customers in an exciting and engaging way. This would help them to understand the full range of PartyLite products as well as helping them understand what aspect of it appealed to them. Furthermore, it had to be easy to share to gain as much traction as possible. The multi-channel campaign was not only to be used as a tool for advertising to digital-savvy potential customers, it would also serve as a means of capturing new data for PartyLite.

the results

To engage with new customers and give them a unique experience the channel strategy had to be positioned around an interactive microsite in the form of gamification for both new and existing customers. We designed the site from scratch and gave it a unique creative identity, which was then used to promote and share the fragrance finder across multiple channels. All communication from then carried a specific call to action from the business to consultants, and then on to customers.

Once the interaction on the microsite was complete, it directed customers to make a purchase that depended on their unique results. It also signposted them towards a PartyLite newsletter, meaning the client was able to collect data from a new captive audience. We also ensured that it carried a strong brand presence so that new customers would be heavily aware of PartyLite’s personality by the end of the experience.

A full rollout plan was pitched to the client and created to ensure that all content was released consistently. Focus was given to social channels to engage with new customers through the existing active customer base and their brand loyalty to PartyLite. This was achieved thanks to the shareability and modernity of the experience.

“We created this new product as a way to sell our scented products in a new way online, a challenge for any fragrance business. We asked seventy7 to create something that fit our brand and could help bring in new customer data. This innovative microsite was beyond what we imagined, and we loved that we could capture a new digital-first audience through its social media shareability, allowing us to expand our community thanks to a stronger online presence.”

Nadja Di Noi - VP Marketing Worldwide at PartyLite

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